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About Me

As a leadership coach with over 8 years of experience and a master's degree in organizations and leadership, I help achievers become more purpose-driven, emotionally intelligent, and resilient. I work with clients from various backgrounds and industries, such as healthcare, technology, bio-tech, banking, fast-growing startups, retail, and people-focused specialties to help them improve their performance, communication, and relationships at work and at home.

My mission is to help others be and do their best. This includes guiding clients through a unique 5-step program that helps people truly live and work from their purpose to building the right process to get the results they want. Some of the areas my clients grow professionally are in their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and resolving conflict correctly and quickly.

Everyone has a unique style, perspective, and life experience in how they lead others. Every organization has its own unique culture. A client's greatest competitive edge is who they are whether it is an individual or a group. Part of my secret sauce is to help clients expand their uniqueness so that they can unleash their full potential. My role with clients is to show them how to build upon their strengths, work on their weaknesses, and progress on a trajectory that will accomplish their vision.

Whether I'm working with a leadership coaching client or volunteering as an athletic coach for youth, I am passionate about enabling others to grow personally and step into their authentic leadership roles. I thrive when others thrive. I truly love what I do.
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