Foundations of Greatness
The Complete Coaching Blueprint

Put yourself and your organization on the right track and move up to speed quickly. Be adequately prepared to deal with normality, chaos, disruptions, failures, and challenges. More importantly, engage with a highly effective process so you can earn success and build upon it.

Foundations of Greatness:
The Complete Coaching Blueprint

  • 1. Purpose

    Who you are is your Purpose. It is your identity. It is the place where your deepest motivational factors come from. It is where your Vision comes from. The most successful people build their Process from their Purpose. Everything you do starts from here.
  • 2. Vision

    One of the biggest responsibilities of a leaders is to define the Vision so it fosters a cohesive and purpose-driven culture. Get a Vision that is relational, expandable, and very influential.
  • 3. Expectations

    Define the performance management framework that inspires and celebrates innovation, professional development, collaborative team work, and achievement.
  • 4. Standards

    The right standards will encourage you to have the right mindset, what type of Work-Life Balance you want, how to promote diversity, how to grow personally and professionally, the communication and relational values to embrace, and so on.
  • 5. Process

    Your Process integrates your Purpose, Vision, Expectations, and Standards in a synonymous initiative to compel you to do the right things. When you do the right things then the results take care of themselves. Clients learn quickly to harness the power of a highly effective process.

Program Overview

Each leadership coaching program is customized to bring out your best. They are designed to maximize your strengths and encourage you to grow in your weak areas. These programs are anchored on challenging and improving your mindset, focus, habits, communication skills, emotional intelligence, relational skills, and leadership capabilities. Research-driven techniques and applications are utilized as a framework in my coaching programs.

You are unique. You have distinctive traits, perspectives, life and cultural experiences, capabilities, and inherent talents that are your competitive advantage. When you embrace your own patented leadership style while on a trajectory to improve every week, you will experience personal growth that will benefit you both in the short and long term. Start today and you’ll be further ahead six months from now.

Solutions Focused On Your Success
Engage in a program just for you, for your leadership team, for your organization, or in a cohort.
Coaching sessions occur by phone or Zoom. In-person coaching potentially available to those in the Greater Denver.
Programs are customized per your own uniqueness and needs, your team, and your organization.
You choose the time frame whether it is a 30-Day Intensive, a 60-Day or 90-Day Fast-Track, or a monthly program geared for very busy professionals.

There is flexibility to adapt your coaching program at any time. Such as, start with the CEO and then expand to others in the organization.

This program can be customized for your entire organization on both a short-term and long-term basis.
Coaching training and seminars are available to help in several areas such as conflict resolution and building trust, defining mission and vision, improving communication skills, genuine collaboration, implementing innovative thinking and strategies, etc.

Cohort programs available for like-minded professionals in different organizations

This Is For you

The top 15.9% of all leaders are very eager to learn, move fast, and are flexible to promote change and growth. Instead of being mediocre, they have a passion to be their best. If you are purpose-driven, or if you truly want to be purpose-driven, this program is for you.
This program will help if you:
Want a clear and influential Vision, that is 100% connected to your Purpose, and will compel your team to move forward.
Need your team or organization to be on a different trajectory as soon as possible.
Are craving to build a healthy and thriving culture.
Are ready to resolve conflict in healthy and effective ways so as to build trust and increase collaboration
Are eager to change your Process to get the results you want.
Want to implement diversity and inclusion the right way.
Are ready to create highly collaborative and productive teams.
Want to be prepared to make the right adjustments and changes for upcoming growth.
  • In a time with crazy growth in my business (and a growing family), I was suffocating. I couldn’t celebrate success because there was someone or something always demanding my attention. Glenn anchored me to what, and who, was most important. Every new success changed the rules of the game and Glenn helped me quickly grow as the leader I needed to be. We even found new ways to re-structure my operation team so I could be freed-up once again to pursue my passion in my business.
    Zachary Johnston
    Founder & CEO, The Spice Guy
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